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Only adults

Only adults

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Only adults

Reina Canalla

What does it mean to be an erotic comic artist?

It means sharing your most intimate thoughts, baring yourself to the public, and removing the mask from your face.

However, I’m not always able to do it. My worst enemy is self-censorship. Some days, I can see it peering behind the curtains with its critical gaze. That’s when I have to remind myself of the pact erotic artists make when they decide to embark on this exciting art: courage and openness.

The main female characters in my comic books and illustrations are also brave and sincere. They exist beyond space and time, liberated from moral restraints. Sometimes they are sweet and tender, while other times they are violent and politically incorrect. Nevertheless, they are always… hot.



Reina Canalla is Lara Lopez’s pseudonym. She’s an erotic cartoonist from Barcelona (Spain). She studied drawing and painting at Carme Muset Art Academy and comic book illustration at Joso School.

Published works: