Reina Canalla

“Fire and water, my elements. The line takes sensual shapes, followed by words”.

Reina Canalla is Lara Lopez’s pseudonym. She studied drawing and painting at 16 years old at Carme Muset Art Academy. From 1995 to 1999, she studied comic book illustration at Joso School, in Barcelona.

She is an interdisciplinary artist, specialised in the erotic genre. She is an expert in watercolour techniques and uses traditional brush inking for her comic books. She has published a book of short stories and a novel, Las virgenes de Nuria, available on Amazon Kindle.

Anne-Marie is her most important work so far. It was published as a webcomic in 2006. In 2019 it was translated into French and published by Murano Publishing. The edition was a success both to male and female audiences, and received positive reviews. The author periodically updates the sexy adventures of her heroines and claims that this is her most rewarding work.